Solutions | Video Surveillance

As a business grows more successful, the need for a dependable, comprehensive security system grows too. The liability caused by losses grow as customers, employees and inventory does. In new residential projects, property developers find that prospective residents want state-of-the-art security systems that include video surveillance. On the move and acclimated to mobile technologies, new residents also want mobile tie-ins whenever possible.

Basic CCTV systems can begin with a monitor and cable-connected video camera connected. These can be discrete components, or packaged such as the video intercom doorbell. In this case, the monitor shows only the one particular camera viewpoint. With more advanced security video systems, a range of very useful features start to become available. The increase in features provides enhanced safety, protection and can approach fully professional security systems.

In a dangerous situation, surveillance cameras can alert you early and prevent more extreme loss or damage. You can personally view and track video that can serve as visual evidence in case of theft. Video evidence has proved an invaluable source of evidence in criminal investigations: identifying perpetrators, matching time frames, and cementing a case. In business settings, cameras monitor both customer and employee behavior. At home, security camera surveillance systems provide unmatched security tracking of exterior and interior property.

G&C clients have had CCTV security cameras capture criminal evidence that would have been otherwise impossible to gather. Law enforcement tell us that these systems give them much more to "go on." Whether you want to protect your assets or track and reference data, we offer customized digital video solutions to fit our clients' needs.