Solutions | Fire Alarm System

According to the National Fire Protection Association, non-residential fires in 2009 caused $3.0 billion in damages. Total fatalities for all U.S. fires topped 3,000 in the same year. G&C strives to reduce these numbers by arming each customer with a top-notch fire alarm system.

We do this by customizing our fire alarm systems for each customer by analyzing the operational and physical features of each site. Our systems technicians have expertly installed thousands of fire alarm control panels, pull stations and detectors, and can integrate them into your building's master plan.

G&C understands that each property's fire risk can vary by building age, occupants, electric demands and code capabilities. Each customer becomes a partner in a customized solution that works for them. You may be struggling with different types of fire panels on your property; G&C has a breadth of experience in streamlining multiple systems and finding operational savings. You might have lightning or panel damage. By reaching out to experts, you'll create peace of mind for yourself, your residents and your property's long-term future.