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G&C Electronics is one of the most trusted sources for customized electronic signaling and communication system products and services. Our products are fully customizable to the needs of property managers, managers, designers and contractors. For more than 30 years, G&C Electronics has maintained the highest standard of customer service and unsurpassed, ethical business practices. We've built a foundation of client trust with our innovative client feedback loop, guaranteeing satisfaction at each step of service, installation and monitoring.

Explore our Past...

September 1980

G&C Electronics is founded

November 1981

G&C Electronics become an Auth / Florence authorized dealer

August 1984

Create first custom All – Call system with existing Auth / Florence systems

February 1987

G&C began working with their first Housing Authority

October 1988

G&C Electronics integrated first Elvox digital intercom with Keri access control in the Ocean City Housing Authority with remote access

June 1990

G&C Electronics become the first Blue Ribbon Installation company for Wheelock

December 1992

Installed one of the first run of Pelco's Coaxitron Pan / Tilt / Zoom Cameras at the Linden, NJ Co-Generation Power Plant

December 1998

G&C integrated a fire alarm system and paging system throughout Lenox China's 500,000+ sq. ft. facility


G&C sells first digital video recorder, ending the era of timelapse recorder and VHS tapes


G&C installs harbor cameras for Perth Amboy Port Authority


G&C implements IP Security cameras to clients, in order to increase camera resolution and picture quality

July 2005

G&C integrated public view monitors with sermon presentations for churches


G&C installs media presentation displays and surround sound speakers throughout local church, giving parishioners convenient viewing of passages and homilies

November 2007

G&C Electronics purchased by Kevin Oliver from original owner

March 2008

G&C starts their first project as the sole installer for a leading niche company installing virtual guard services

April 2008

G&C begins work with a local property management company which leads to working at many of their properties

April 2008

G&C's new logo by Silivanch Design signals a new commitment to the next 30 years

June 2008

G&C purchases three more vehicles for their fleet one for installation, one for service and one for sales

July 2008

G&C becomes licensed through the Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Advisory Committee in NJ; before it is mandated

September 2008

G&C begins working on their first of many projects with Homeland Defense in NJ

September 2008

G&C becomes a Radionics / Bosch authorized dealer

September 2008

G&C becomes a certified Hirsch dealer

October 2008

Tara Oliver officially was filed with the state as a partner with Kevin Oliver and becomes majority shareholder of the company making G&C a majority women owned business

November 2008

G&C begins working with a growing property management company and becomes their primary security vendor

November 2008

G&C begins working with Homeland Defense in VA

December 2008

Gary Collamer joins G&C as the Director of Operations

December 2008

G&C achieves over 100% growth in gross profit from the previous original owner

February 2009

G&C begins sponsoring the Police Unity Tour, Chapter 2

March 2009

G&C becomes a Silent Knight -Farenhyt distributor

June 2009

G&C invests in its future with a complete marketing overhaul

June 2009

G&C purchases their second sales vehicle

September 2009

G&C holds their first Annual Family Day event

October 2009

G&C secures largest burglar alarm installation and monitoring change over to date; 164 units

October 2009

G&C is approved as a Category 1 & 4 Small Business Enterprise

April 2010

Largest fire alarm inspection contract to date is signed for 380 units

June 2010

G&C begins offering offsite remote CCTV management

September 2010

G&C becomes registered as a Public Works Contractor

December 2010

G&C achieves a 21.9% growth in gross profit from the previous year

January 2011

G&C secures the largest burglar alarm installation and monitoring change over to date; 471 units

March 2011

After CCTV installation at a new customer, the thief is caught on camera and fingerprints found; leads to Philadelphia news TV broadcast

April 2011

G&C continues to add vehicles for installations and service calls

May 2011

G&C Electronics grows to become one of the 5% of the largest security companies in the country!

June 2011

Launch of Certitude Virtual Guard Services

June 2011

G&C becomes a Code Blue authorized dealer

June 2011

G&C becomes an Easy Lobby authorized dealer

October 2011

Launch of new G&C website

G&C's executive team brings over 50 years of experience to the company, including expertise in security management, integrated security design, construction, property management and development, business management and human resources, and communications and electronics diagnostics. For more information on our experience, see our "bios" page.

G&C Electronics brings the advantage of being a woman-owned business to the marketplace. With our full-service capability and national network, we are able to help clients achieve their business, security and safety needs. With our multi-market experience, we are able to deliver efficient solutions that serve clients' best interest, too.