About G&C | Our Future

As security transmission and monitoring becomes more mobile, G&C has positioned itself to introduce "best in class" alternatives to traditional tracking.

G&C offers U.L.-approved alternatives including IP Communicators, AES radio and cellular/GSM radio.

According to the Electronic Security Association's annual survey of industry trends (2011), consumers should see more opportunities to control their alarm system through mobile devices. G&C Electronics currently provides mobile device control via Honeywell's AlarmNet Direct services. This service can allow a user to check alarm status, turn controlled appliances on and off, view security cameras, and turn their system on and off. The AlarmNet service also allows a user to remote system access via the Internet.

G&C now allows several different ways for customers to receive remote video recording, known as "cloud recording." We are also innovating new products within the remote guard market. We offer customized solutions that include:

  • Traditional Video Security CCTV systems with Internet Access: G&C Electronics can design traditional CCTV system or in most cases convert your existing security camera system so that it can be viewed remotely and also be recorded offsite, if necessary, for redundancy.
  • Certitude Virtual Guard Solutions: This innovative solution provides the ability to replace a gatehouse guard, doorman or concierge with a remote virtual guard while having all the existing benefits and more. Properties can realize a significant cost savings associated with this solution. For more information, go to www.certitudevirtualguard.com.
  • Internet Access Only CCTV solutions: From their installation, these systems favor remote access over local access. G&C sells and leases these systems, which can reduce capital expenditures in favor of monthly costs. This security solution works well for clubhouses, retail space, homes and gatehouses.