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Commercial Systems | Integrated Solutions

When your business needs multiple security solutions to work together, experience is key. G&C brings commercial security and new technologies together with ease. Whether your business requires a small, modern security solution, or a complex security management and coordination, G&C creates the operational efficiencies that make your business work.

Our Integration Team has consulted on some of the countries most advanced security projects for commercial buildings, including buildings owned by the Department of Homeland Security and City Center, Las Vegas (see "Success Stories). We find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your needs, including:

  • Complete security management planning
  • Certified technicians with expert experience in the most advanced technological solutions
  • Project management of of interdependent solutions
  • Integration of perimeter and intrusion detection, access control and IT network interface
  • Complete system installation, training, maintenance and service
  • Video surveillance security monitoring systems integration

G&C tailors "best of class" resources and design for your business needs. We've built our integrated solutions to assist a full range of commercial and public buildings, including casino, housing authorities, government, hospitality, industrial, standard commercial and manufacturing plants. Ask us more about multi-market experience--and how our efficiency keeps our client roster growing each day.