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Commercial Systems | Closed Circuit TV

Commercial video surveillance systems have an unmatched ability to capture events and evidence in and around your business. Potential thieves often avoid businesses with surveillance technologies, and employees can be held to greater accountability. Meanwhile, digital records can capture case-changing amounts of evidence and even reduce your insurance costs.

Digital recording advances within the surveillance industry has made data storage easier. Data can be downloaded, duplicated and recorded to a CD-ROM for more permanent storage. We can also provide offsite data recording for redundancy.

As a business owner, you want to know what's happening at your business, even if you're off-site. Our networked video recorders allow you to move past the traditional DVR model and access your surveillance data anytime, anywhere. G&C Electronics can in most cases convert your existing security camera system to a remote access system. Our Internet-only CCTV solutions are configured to avoid local monitoring altogether in favor of web access. This solution is popular with clubhouses, retail space, homes and gatehouses. This solution can be custom-designed and is available for purchase or lease through our leasing program.