Commercial Systems | Choosing the Right Plan

Imagine a security system that could detect a criminal or vandal just prior to the crime, then deters them via two-way communication with your site while the authorities are being contacted? G&C Electronics' off-site, remote video central station is just one example of how we design proactive security solutions.

While reducing damage and repair costs to your property, inventory and your business' operational flow, G&C can increase your feeling of security and your overall operational control.

Every business deserves a commercial security solution that meets their needs precisely. Your system should be simple to use and offer complete security coverage without overly-complicated technologies. A G&C representative can help you determine your needs based on evaluations of your sites:

  • Site access issues
  • Highly secure areas
  • Site layout
  • Emergency alarm needs, or "hold up alarms"
  • Surveillance systems
  • On-site security patrolling/monitoring/access needs
  • Need to upgrade/modernize site security

Use of a 24-hour security monitoring system can maximize your business' security, ensuring real-time response to unexpected situations.

G&C's customized approach ensures that your needs dictate ultimate design and product--not the other way around. When we work with you to design a system, we weigh your actual needs, effectiveness, budget, longevity and operational awareness.

As advanced systems become more affordable for the business owner, G&C works with you to design a "cost-measurable" system. By measuring real-time protection of your investment, G&C helps you quantify the benefits of a secure business and stronger future.