Commercial Systems | Security Tips

1. For commercial buildings, safety glass—or glazed glass—can help prevent break-ins.

2. Make sure all exterior lights are high enough to prevent tampering.

3. At night, interior lights allow you to see if someone is in the building. Motion sensors do an even better job.

4. Entry-point alarms catch intrusion as it happens.

5. For employers, make sure that employees closing up at night work in pairs. A single employee creates a higher risk of robbery—either as victim or perpetrator.

6. Have employees use access cards instead of keys, to avoid duplication.

7. When a business installs a closed-circuit television system, it can prevent and track theft, break-ins and employee traffic.

8. In the retail environment, train employees to engage with customers, as this is a customer theft-prevention tool.

9. Keep back and storage areas orderly, so that any disturbance/loss of merchandise or supplies is noticeable.

10. Consider using zoned access systems for high-security areas; this data can be your best tool in theft investigations.