Residential Systems | Choosing the Right Plan

Each home has different security needs, and each homeowner has different concerns that help shape the best plan for each personal budget. G&C's up-to-the-minute technology for homes can include a computerized keypad, motion sensors, an alerting siren, no-fail power backup, and more. Our branded signage also plays a helpful role, informing would-be intruders that your home is too secure to tamper with.

Widely used by multi-family condo/co-op communities, G&C's residential systems act as an independent monitor of a community's peace and quiet. For gated communities, property managers also have the option of replacing staffed guards with G&C's premier patented Virtual Guard monitoring station. All units connect seamlessly to community police and emergency responders to ensure immediate response to a scene. Home should be a haven from busy lives, worry and property loss. When our clients choose a residential system, we know we are building a relationship that helps them feel that they are "home."

G&C's seasoned salespersons can help you create a cost-effective system that meets your precise needs. Our hand-selected technicians verify that each residence or residential unit has the communications infrastructure to carry emergency alerts as they occur. We also involve each property manager or residential owner in a detailed walkthrough of their property: what entranceways, windows, low roofing and basement access points could be compromised by an intruder of any skill-level? By cataloguing each home's whole capabilities and vulnerabilities, G&C service ensures continuous, vigilant protection of your home.