Integrator Collaboration | Overview

G&C is a leader in integrating classic security solutions with next-generation tools for mobile access, automated monitoring and instant response time. With G&C's newest technology, Certitude Virtual Guard, your community's guardhouse can now work virtually for seamless, community-wide monitoring.

Our product offers two-way communication with residents, vendors and guests while verifying identify via video. The round-the-clock service eliminates guardhouse staff and provides consistent, ever-present monitoring of each stationed gate. For more information, visit

We've collaborated on large commercial and residential projects—both new constructions and renovations. G&C has streamlined systems and consulted on a century-old seminary, a new, 52-acre mixed-use commercial campus, Homeland Security training facilities and one of the largest mixed-use complexes in the U.S. G&C's vast network of strategic partners and ability to procure equipment for on-task, on-budget work has built a foundation of loyal clients and excitement for a solid future.